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Dairy sheep: a reproductive cycle manual
A manual to share useful information with the breeders so that, together with veterinarians and nutritionists, they can progress towards a more satisfying and economically profitable breeding activity.

This little manual is borne of an idea of Maria Dattena, Giovanni Molle and Marilla Gallus to share useful information directing the producer towards a deeper understanding of the potential of his flock. The intention is not that the farmer will be able single-handedly to put into practice all of the ideas contained herein, but it will be possible in concert with veterinarians and nutritionists for him to make progress towards a more satisfying and remunerative management of the flock.

The long reproductive season in Mediterranean countries, different than northern Europe, allows producers to choose to have lambings and milk production in various periods of the year.

Well-planned breeding is a fundamental for obtaining good reproductive efficiency with resultant economic gain.

To organize a breeding program in a profitable way, the producer must decide when to have lambings.
It will be the dates of birth and their distribution throughout the year that will primarily influence farm profits.

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